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A new survey of public opinion about education has found that by a ratio of six to one, the American public wants schools that are falling down on the job to remain open instead of being closed. (Education Week)
A day after proponents celebrated a major victory when the California Supreme Court let stand the pro-teacher-tenure appeals court decision in the landmark Vergara v. California case, a new national poll commissioned by a pro-reform education journal raises questions about the political viability of teacher-tenure laws. (Education Week)
Like many schools, Gibson Elementary in St. Louis had big problems with attendance — many students were missing nearly a month of school a year. So Melody Gunn, who was the principal at Gibson last year, set out to visit homes and figure out why kids weren’t showing up. Her biggest discovery? They didn’t have clean uniforms to wear to school. (NPR)
How did the nation’s top charters become so successful and where is this high performing set headed next? Here are four stories, broken down into two revelations and two takeaways, that help answer this question. (The Hechinger Report)
More than 700 Washington students enrolled at ITT Tech’s three campuses in Seattle, Everett and Spokane are losing both state financial aid and federal loans to pay for courses at the troubled college chain. (The Seattle Times)


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