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Even with tuition shooting up, the payoff from a college degree remains strong, lifting lifelong earnings and protecting many graduates like a Teflon coating against the worst effects of economic downturns. (The New York Times)
More students are graduating from high school than ever before, and that number could rise again with this year’s seniors. (The Atlantic)
Just a couple of blocks off the 210 Freeway in San Bernardino, Calif., about an hour east of LA, rest a whole row of cheap, rundown motels. Some people stay for a night or two, others just by the hour. (NPR)
Every four years, as America’s campaign cycle rumbles back to life, two of the country’s smaller states again return to the national spotlight. Taking advantage of this political stage, The Seventy Four aims to bring the urgent conversation of America’s K-12 education system to both Iowa and New Hampshire in the coming months. (The Seventy Four)
Five years ago, EdCamp was a seed of an idea, 10 Philadelphia-area educators in a room attempting to make traditional teacher training more meaningful and democratic. (
New York
With 20 percent of eligible students sitting out the New York state standardized tests this year, even some central organizers of the “opt out” movement were surprised at their own success. (The New York Times)
Rhode Island
Public school enrollment in the U.S. is up three percent over the last decade. But, in Rhode Island, it’s down 18 percent. So, where are all the students going? And what do all the empty desks mean for your child and their education? (


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