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Here are news and opinion stories educators, advocates, policy wonks and makers are talking about today:
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Teaching can’t compete. When the economy improves and job prospects multiply, college students turn their attention elsewhere, to professions that promise more money, more independence, more respect. (The New York Times)
Hillary Clinton’s campaign has released a new video to promote her college affordability plan. It’s a poignant summary of how excessive student debt can weigh down young people’s lives. (Vox)
Teach For America, the controversial education nonprofit that places recent college graduates as teachers in disadvantaged classrooms, saw a decline in its number of accepted corps members after previously seeing a drop in applications for the second year in a row, the organization announced Tuesday. (Huffington Post)
After more than two years of anxiety over how the Obama administration planned to judge their institutions, many college and university leaders exhaled deeply earlier this summer when federal officials dropped their plan to create a college ratings system. (Inside Higher Ed)
Students have a legacy of activism, spearheading protests against the Vietnam War and sit-ins advocating for civil rights. Their rallies, marches, and boycotts have been vital to conquering the status quo and advancing conversations on issues ranging from LGBT equality to financial reform. (The Atlantic)
Stephanie Keiles has worked as a public school teacher for a dozen years in Michigan. She loves her students — but she just made what she called “one of the hardest decisions” of her life: to quit her job and start teaching at a private school. In this post, she explains why she feels like she has been driven out of public education. Her story strikes the same notes sounded by many other teachers in public schools who are finding their jobs being made increasingly difficult because of school reforms that have limited teacher autonomy, over-emphasized standardized tests and underfunded public education. (The Washington Post)
Classrooms across the world are becoming more connected, reshaping how we teach and shaking up the fundamental business model of the education industry. (Forbes)
When it comes to examining best practices within higher education, majority institutions should take a look at work being done at many of the nation’s minority-serving institutions. (Diverse Issues in Higher Education)
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker may be slogging away on the presidential campaign trail, but a group of his state’s principals haven’t let their grievances with him (and state education policy) fall by the wayside. (Education Week)


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