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Early education across the United States is a mishmash of day care, Head Start and preschool programs with a wide range of quality and effectiveness. But a federally sponsored program in 20 states has been effective at giving those states a way to assess and quantify early-childhood education options and make that information available to parents, educators and legislators, according to a study the U.S. Education Department plans to release Monday. (The Washington Post)
When compared to Donald Trump’s single education policy-related sentence in his acceptance speech at the Republican convention, Hillary Clinton’s remarks on the subject Thursday night were certainly more extensive, as she sought to emphasize a track record of making schools, teachers, families, and students her political—and personal—priorities. (The Atlantic)
With some of the nation’s most devastated schools, Detroit is in desperate need of new ideas, new energy, and lots of money. But when local advocates approach organizations that have invested millions of dollars—and countless hours of problem-solving—into jumpstarting schools in cities like Washington, Memphis, Indianapolis, and New Orleans, the answer often comes back the same: No. Not Detroit. Not now. (The Atlantic)
New York 
For the first time, New York City students caught up to their peers around the state in English, officials said on Friday in announcing the results for the standardized tests given to third through eighth graders this year. (The New York Times)


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