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When compared to both their peers internationally and fellow American college graduates, U.S. teachers have middling math and literacy skills, finds a group of international researchers, who conclude that boosting salaries would be one way to attract higher-skilled individuals into teaching. (Education Week)
It was Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ night to speak at the Democratic National Convention here, and Hillary Clinton’s one-time rival for the party’s presidential nomination used his time to shift money away from incarceration and into schools. (Education Week)
The return on investment in American education to individuals and to society at large has been growing in both relative and absolute terms since 1980. It is well known that, statistically, people who are well-educated earn substantially more, pay more in taxes, are less likely to be unemployed, live longer, are healthier, and are more likely to vote. (Education Week)
Kevin He had a problem. He was a senior in high school, and was gearing up to go to prom. He had asked a date and picked out a gray suit. But he didn’t know how to put on a tie. The high school student couldn’t count on his father for help. His father, a Chinese immigrant, never had a job that required formal attire. The teen turned to one of his teachers. (Huffington Post)
A new White House report on student loan debt reveals that how people repay student loans has changed dramatically in a short time. (NPR)


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