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The same 10 major education organizations that called for the Senate to prioritize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act rewrite and put it on the chamber floor for debate are at it again. This time, they’re urging congressional leaders to move swiftly into conference. (Education Week)
One of the big problems with education has to do with content. It is not a problem with the quality of content, the delivery of information, nor access to knowledge. It is a problem with the way we understand what we mean when we think about learning. (Forbes)
States keep dropping out of the Common Core testing consortium known as PARCC, but the faithful are carrying on. (The Washington Post)
Democratic leaders’ efforts to rewrite the state’s teacher evaluation law have stalled over the same disagreement that upended the last big push in the Legislature three years ago: stark differences in who gets to decide what goes into an evaluation. (EdSource)
I can remember the weeks before starting school at Skidmore College, furiously trying to finish Gregory Howard Williams’s memoir, Life on the Color Line. The book was assigned as our freshman reading assignment — part of the First-Year Experience at the liberal arts school in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. (NPR)
D.C. has cracked down on parents lying to city and school officials about where they live, after an increase in tips that families from nearby Maryland and Virginia are illegally enrolling their children. (Education Watchdog)
The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers made no secret of its support for education-activist-turned-City Council candidate Helen Gym in this spring’s primary election. (


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