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The U.S. Senate cleared a major hurdle Wednesday, voting to end debate on the bipartisan bill to overhaul the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and paving the way for a final vote on the measure Thursday. (Education Week)
The Senate on Wednesday rejected an amendment to its No Child Left Behind rewrite that had been championed by major civil rights groups as necessary to ensure that schools are serving the nation’s most disadvantaged children. (The Washington Post)
A New Mexico judge has rejected a closely-watched challenge made against one of the nation’s two main common-core testing consortia, in a major victory for supporters of the ambitious assessment effort led by a coalition of states. (Education Week)
Frustrated and stymied by massive budget cuts that have trimmed salaries and classroom funding, Kansas teachers are “fleeing across the border” to neighboring states that offer better benefits and a friendlier climate for public education, NPR’s Sam Zeff reported. (The Atlantic)
It’s a little before 8 a.m. when Mathias Schergen pushes open the side door at Chicago’s Jenner Elementary Academy for the Arts. He walks down the hall toward the office to sign in. It’s the same routine he’s had as Jenner’s art teacher for nearly a quarter century. “It’s gonna be a good day,” a colleague calls out. “It’s a good day.” They hug. It seems like a typical Friday. Except it’s not. (NPR)
School’s out for summer – although maybe not, if your job is to teach the Common Core State Standards. (EdSource)
Due to a quirk in state law, Gov. Larry Hogan is making a slew of new appointments to state and local school boards this year, giving him the opportunity to steer the state’s education policy toward a more conservative view. (The Baltimore Sun)
New York
On the same day a top New York charter school regulator spoke out about needing a funding increase from the state, he sent money to the person with perhaps the most say in the matter. (Chalkbeat New York)


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