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Twenty years ago, Aimée Eubanks Davis taught in a middle school that served low-income kids in New Orleans. She didn’t define success in terms of test scores. Instead, she focused on the future, wanting her students to graduate college and find a good job. (NPR)
Ohio’s new charter school reform laws seem to be having at least one desired effect – blocking poor-performing schools from finding new backers to keep them afloat. (
Newark, N.J.—It wasn’t long into Damon Holmes’s tenure as the new principal of Malcolm X Shabazz High School this fall that Sharon Cook, an administrator at Shabazz, knew the school and students were going to be okay under the new guy. (The Atlantic)
Kansas legislators will consider proposals Friday to curb the power of the courts as they grapple with a recent state Supreme Court ruling on education funding. (Associated Press)


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