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The $1.3 trillion burden of student debt is becoming an issue in the 2016 presidential campaign as candidates court the millions of Americans grappling with the high cost of college. (Washington Post)
Teacher union-led lawsuits against school choice laws in Florida and Louisiana have hit roadblocks in recent days, highlighting some of the hurdles that unions face when challenging evolving school choice laws. (Education Week)
Houston leaders are considering cutting the district’s much-watched performance-pay program for educators and redirecting the funds into regular base-pay raises. (Education Week)
After years of pushing education reforms in Delaware, Gov. Jack Markell is facing a revolt in the General Assembly. (
Tony Seymore is the first person in his family to go to college. He said it wouldn’t have been possible if his employer didn’t foot the tuition bill. (
One part of the current education reform agenda argues that the internet has made the world bigger. Or, more accurately, the boundaries of our everyday experiences have expanded. Therefore, because we are more connected than ever before, the story goes, we need to think about education as the practice of cross-cultural tolerance and global awareness. Folks argue that humans have never before had to deal with so much difference. (Forbes)
Six of the largest U.S. school districts have pooled their collective purchasing power to make significant changes to school lunch, and they’re starting by jettisoning the polystyrene tray. (Washington Post)


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