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In this year of deep political splits and bad manners, who would have predicted that our great national-education debate has reached such a friendly, we-can-all-get-along moment? Republicans and Democrats in Congress, after agreeing on almost nothing for years, have managed to pass a bipartisan education bill. It’s not brilliant legislation, but it’s something. (The Washington Post)
With state testing season wrapping up, the decision by some families to skip the K-12 exams in protest this spring has once again sparked widespread discussion—and news coverage around the country. (The Atlantic)
Donald Trump may be the candidate that the National Rifle Association (NRA) supports in the presidential race, but on Sunday it was not at all clear whether he backs the organization’s official position on guns in American schools. (The Washington Post)
Charter school advocates have spent nearly $300,000 backing candidates for three seats on the board of the Sacramento County Office of Education, positions that once were considered sleepy political outposts. (The Sacramento Bee)


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