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What does it take to find the country’s most promising, academically talented students? In wealthier enclaves, where gifted education programs often flourish, it can be simply a matter of testing to cream the best from a pool of youngsters who have had high-quality early enrichment and academics. (Education Week)
The names and personal information of thousands of Chicago Public Schools students was inadvertently provided to five potential vendors earlier this year, district officials confirmed Tuesday. (NBC Chicago) 
The rise in college costs—and student-loan burdens—is breaking through as a hot issue in the 2016 presidential race as contenders float proposals that rethink what college should cost and who should foot the bill. (The Wall Street Journal)
Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.) is pushing a new legislation aimed at rooting out the fraud involved in tax breaks for higher education. (The Hill)
Fewer working-age African-Americans than whites hold four-year college degrees in all but one of the nation’s 150 largest metropolitan areas, according to a new Next America analysis of data from the massive National Equity Atlas. (National Journal)
The Alabama House has unanimously approved a nearly $6 billion education budget for 2016. (
New Jersey
New Jersey’s new PARCC testing continues to be a moving target, as the nine-state consortium behind the controversial test yesterday announced some changes in the exams – while critics contended that the changes don’t go far enough. (NJ Spotlight)


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