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U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan subjected himself to what might have been the ultimate edu-press conference here on Tuesday, allowing hundreds of education reporters to grill him on testing, No Child Left Behind, college ratings, and yes, White Suburban moms, at the Education Writer’s Association conference. (Education Week)
In 2006, the internationally known educator Sir Ken Robinson gave a TED talk — titled “How schools kill creativity” — that became the most popular of all time, with more than 32.6 million views to date. Robinson, who has worked in education for some 40 years, published a new book on Tuesday that expands on his previous work about creativity and human potential and offers descriptions of schools that are doing the work that he advocates with young people. Below is an excerpt. (Washington Post)
For many foes of the Common Core State Standards, this was supposed to be the year their advocacy and passion would translate into victories. (Education Week)
Jeb Bush says he won’t pander his way to the GOP presidential nomination, but that doesn’t mean he won’t wiggle. (Tampa Bay Times)
A bachelor’s degree has never been more valuable. College graduates can expect to earn 83 percent more than those who only finish high school, according to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. As the price of a college degree rises, though, students face new obstacles in the chase for the American Dream. (The Atlantic)
The last couple of decades have been terrible for American workers without much education. New research calculates just how bad, and offers some evidence as to why that is. (New York Times)
New York
The latest salvo in the battle between Gov. Cuomo and the teachers unions was launched Tuesday when the educators kicked-off a multi-million dollar television ad campaign ripping the governor’s “damaging education agenda.” (New York Daily News)


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