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A California appeals court ruled on Thursday that the state’s job protections for teachers do not deprive poor and minority students of a quality education or violate their civil rights — reversing a landmark lower court decision that had overturned the state’s teacher tenure rules. (The New York Times)
Chicago Public Schools jumped an initial legal hurdle Thursday to have the Chicago Teachers Union’s April 1 strike declared illegal after a state board agreed to hear the school district’s case, which asks the union to pay strike damages. (Chicago Sun-Times)
Can anything good come of cheating? A 2011 analysis by The Wall Street Journal showed a bulge in New York City students’ test scores right over the passing mark. The evidence strongly suggested teachers were manipulating grades on statewide Regents Exams and helped spur changes to testing procedures. (The Wall Street Journal)
Florida parents can pick any public school in the state for their children, hop scotching over traditional attendance lines and county boundaries, starting in the 2017-18 school year. (Orlando Sentinel)
A bill that passed unanimously from the Colorado House to the state Senate on Thursday would force makers of educational software and apps to disclose what they’re collecting, why and how they intend to destroy it. (The Denver Post)


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