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Virginia and four other states will remain exempt from the key parts of No Child Left Behind for up to four years, freeing them from the most onerous requirements of the main federal education law that left many schools facing sanctions. (Washington Post)
Do you remember how many gold stars you got in second grade? Can you recall how many times you were sent to the principal’s office, how many times you handed in your homework late, how many days passed between getting called out for talking in class? (WNYC)
Higher education remains the most important investment any person can make in their future. In the several months I’ve been at the U.S. Department of Education, I have had a number of conversations with students and families that have inspired me to double down on our commitment to making college more affordable and accessible. A big part of our work toward that goal has been to increase both the quantity and quality of information that students, families, borrowers and the public have about higher education. (U.S. Department of Education, press release)
Texas would cut $3 million from programs to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and spend that money instead on abstinence education under a contentious Republican-sponsored measure tucked into the state budget Tuesday night. (Time)
New York
A hostile winter of speeches, rallies and barbs between Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and teachers’ unions ended in compromise on a variety of fronts, with the governor winning some changes in the way teachers are evaluated and granted tenure, and in how the state deals with chronically struggling schools. (NY Times)


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