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You’ve heard over and over that the Every Student Succeeds Act hands more policymaking power to states and districts. In many respects, officials in statehouses and education departments are still figuring out how they’ll proceed under ESSA, which gives states complete control over teacher evaluations and more power over how test scores and other factors figure into accountability. (Education Week)
As rising tuition costs pile ever-higher debts on students, lenders and colleges are pushing for an alternative: Heap more on their parents. (The Wall Street Journal)
In addition to early morning pickets at schools, the Chicago Teachers Union plans a full day of teach-ins and rallies at sites around the city during a one-day strike Friday that the union promises will shut down the schools, according to a preliminary schedule issued Monday. (Chicago Tribune)
Forty-eight Oklahoma school districts filed a lawsuit Monday that alleges miscalculations of the state aid formula have resulted in millions of dollars in education funds being wrongfully distributed to other school districts over a 22-year period. (Education Week)


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