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Studies, research papers, doctoral dissertations, conference presentations — each year academia churns out thousands of pieces of research on education. And for many of them, that’s the end of it — they gather dust in the university library or languish in some forgotten corner of the Internet. (NPR)
The red-meat speeches at this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference are likely to thunder with calls to repeal the Common Core. But out in the trenches, conservative lawmakers in state after state are running into difficulty rounding up votes to revoke the academic standards outright. (Politico)
When the U.S. House of Representatives considers amendments to the Republican-backed No Child Left Behind Act rewrite on Thursday, members will not get a chance to vote on a measure that would have allowed Title I money for low-income students to be used at private schools. (Education Week)
With days remaining before Illinois schools can administer a new state-mandated test, Chicago Public Schools remains in a tight spot over the potential consequences of its decision to spurn the exam, officials acknowledged Wednesday. (Chicago Tribune)
Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Wednesday got a first-hand glimpse of early childhood education in a busy Alexandria preschool classroom, where he got down on the rug with youngsters playing with blocks, chatted up students building a “neighborhood” with sand and talked to a young girl about her writing. (Washington Post)


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