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MADISON, Wis. — More than eight hours of testimony on a so-called right-to-work bill ended abruptly here Tuesday night after the Republican committee chairman cited a “credible threat” to disrupt the vote. In a hurried, chaotic roll call as protesters chanted in opposition, legislators voted to advance the bill to the full Senate. (NY Times)
When students leave a particular college before graduation, they don’t necessarily disappear from the college pipeline—even though the federal government’s measure of college completion ignores their later educational pursuits. (Wall Street Journal)
At least two teachers’ unions are trying to get the number of tests students must take in their states reduced, and they’re relying in part on ad buys and commissioned polls that, they say, reflect widespread concern among parents and the public about the exams. (Education Week)
In the sometimes quirky and symbolic math of politics, Mayor Rahm Emanuel lost the expectations game Tuesday, even though he captured more votes in a re-election bid than any of the four rivals hoping to unseat him. The mayor’s tally was not enough, however, to avoid a humbling April 7 runoff. (Chicago Tribune)
Despite their criticism of Gov. Mark Dayton’s proposal to spend almost $500 million dollars more on education this budget cycle, Minnesota Senate Republicans have just about matched the governor dollar-for-dollar with the education budget proposal they offered Tuesday. (MinnPost)


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