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Gov. Bruce Rauner has threatened Chicago Public Schools with bankruptcy and though the proposal he championed via Republican lawmakers is unlikely to pass, if it did, the state’s largest school district would make history. (Chicago Sun-Times)
Parents of 13 current and former students of Success Academy filed a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights with the federal Education Department on Wednesday, accusing the charter school network of discriminating against students with disabilities by denying them accommodations and in some cases pushing them out. (The New York Times)
In Kathy Aaron’s decrepit public school, the heat fills the air with a moldy, rancid odor. Cockroaches, some three inches long, scuttle about until they are squashed by a student who volunteers for the task. Water drips from a leaky roof onto the gymnasium floor. (The New York Times)
Teachers’ unions were on the defensive in the U.S. Supreme Court last week as conservative justices appeared open to overruling a key precedent that authorizes public-employee unions to collect fees from non-members for collective bargaining. (Education Week)
Giggles and the pitter patter of little feet echo through the halls of Providence Mount St. Vincent in Seattle—not exactly the sounds you’d expect to hear in a living-care community for older adults. Then again, “the Mount,” as it’s known, isn’t your typical nursing home. (The Atlantic)


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