In this crisis, our kids need us to act urgently on their behalf. That’s why, for the first time ever, our states are running fall campaigns. See what they’re doing to #FundEverything.


With families in Colorado desperate for quality learning opportunities during the pandemic, Transform Education Now is launching an effort to create innovative family-centered policy pilots across Denver-area counties, focused on expanding access and support for learning pods and providing direct aid to families. The TEN team hopes to secure statewide funding, which would provide Colorado families with financial support for individual learning needs.


ConnCAN recognizes that virtual-only does not work for all students and families right now. In a new campaign, ConnCAN will urge Governor Lamont to take concrete action to provide families that are currently facing inadequate online district offerings with in-person options in neighboring districts. Families will be able to bring a prorated $11,525 per child from the state to the new school or district to enable this public school choice.


DelawareCAN is seeking to remove barriers that stand in the way of making small group learning accessible. The team is currently working to secure an executive order from Governor Carney to create flexibility in regulations that will make it easier for businesses, community organizations and parents to establish learning pods and are working cross-sector to streamline licensing regulations that will allow for a greater variety of learning opportunities.


The GeorgiaCAN team is working to request that Governor Kemp allocate a portion of federal CARES Act funding toward direct microgrants for needy families. This financial assistance could be spent by parents on educational expenses such as learn-from-home supplies, tutoring, learning pods, curricular materials or access to technology.


HawaiiKidsCAN understands the growing needs of families in this new reality. That is why they are seeking grants for families of $500-$1,500 per child to be allocated through an easy-to-use digital wallet program using Hawaii’s GEER/CARES funding.

Miami, Florida

With a large number of Miami students not regularly attending online learning, the P.S. 305 team is demanding that the district identify the root cause of accessibility barriers for students.

New Jersey

The JerseyCAN team is backing a new bill championed by Senate Education Chair Teresa Ruiz that will use a combination of federal CARES Act and state funding to create options for pod-based learning created by district, charter and renaissance schools in order to create safe remote learning environments with staff supervision.

New Mexico

NewMexicoKidsCAN is working to ensure that every child has access to both online and in-person learning that includes daily live instruction, as well as weekly 1-on-1 check-ins. The team is also working to ensure that attendance and engagement data is publicly reported and that measures of student progress remain in place throughout the year.

North Carolina

Coming off an important victory that ensured that every family in North Carolina with a child will receive a $335 tax credit for educational needs, the CarolinaCAN team is looking to build upon this momentum by championing universal Education Savings Accounts.


TennesseeCAN is advocating for a microgrant program that they hope will provide at least 2,100 students with education grants of up to $9,500 per child, using the $20 million in federal funds that the state was awarded. These dollars will ensure that the educational needs of Tennessee’s most vulnerable children are met during the pandemic.

Marc Porter Magee Ph.D is the CEO and founder of 50CAN: The 50-State Campaign for Achievement Now. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia.


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