There aren’t two sides.


Our organization was founded on the belief that immense potential is found within every child. Everything we do starts and ends with the goal of an education system that provides every child with equal opportunity for success, no matter where they are born, the color of their skin or how much money their parents make.

We are a nonpartisan organization that is proud to work with advocates and public officials across the political spectrum: liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats. We think this spirit of cooperation and inclusiveness makes America strong. We celebrate our pluralism as one of our greatest assets.

However, there are those in our country who don’t see our shared humanity. Their worldview is grounded in a twisted belief in their own supremacy and the absolute inferiority of others. We unequivocally denounce the hate, intolerance, bigotry and violence shown by the forces of evil gathered together under the banner of Nazism and white supremacy in Charlottesville this past weekend.

We are also shocked by President Trump’s statement that these violent white supremacists have been treated unfairly by the media and that there were “fine people” who marched with torches under a Nazi flag. When you choose to march with Nazis you are rejecting our country’s founding belief that all people are created equal and dishonoring the basic convictions of the American political system.

Because our common humanity binds us together, we also know that there aren’t two sides to this debate; only right and wrong.  It is an enormous, and dangerous, step backwards to suggest otherwise.

Marc Porter Magee
CEO & Founder

Vallay Varro

Derrell Bradford
Executive Vice President

Chris Tessone
Chief Financial Officer

50CAN’s Leadership Team consists of CEO & Founder Marc Porter Magee, President Vallay Varro, Executive Vice President Derrell Bradford and Chief Financial Officer Chris Tessone.


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