At ConnCAN, modernizing the teacher workforce by creating more pathways for educators to be certified.

At DelawareCAN, designating broadband access as an essential utility.

At GeorgiaCAN, expanding learning opportunities for all children through the creation of an ESA or direct-aid program.

At HawaiiKidsCAN, letting students more easily earn school credit from community-based programs and organizations.

At TEN Colorado, providing direct aid to families to extend learning opportunities outside the classroom.

At TennesseeCAN, creating permanent direct payments to families for educational expenses.

WiFi on Wheels

The team at HawaiiKidsCAN launched WiFi on Wheels, a program that ensured that students in Hawaii’s rural communities had access to broadband internet. Fifteen vans, outfitted with a router, cables and rooftop antenna allowed students to access their digital learning. The team also championed direct support to families and secured a second win when Governor Ige announced that the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program will provide eligible families with $50 a month for broadband services.

A device for every student 

ConnCAN’s advocacy for all students to have electronic devices so they could effectively learn  paid off when Governor Lamont agreed to spend over $43 million in federal funds to ensure every student would have a laptop and high-speed internet access. ConnCAN continues to work to make access to technology a student right, and has seen early progress with a statewide initiative to expand broadband access further, leveraging recent federal funding.

Skate Surf Science

Skate Surf Science is a new learning program in Florida that allows students to connect their passions for surfing and skating with science, ranging from physics to marine biology.

yes. every kid

yes. every kid showcases the Idaho Strong Students Program with parents working to deliver a more flexible and open school system.